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Best Vegan Dog Food Brands we recommend

In a different article I elaborate the pros & cons of a vegan diet for your dog. Another article explains why you should consider a vegan diet for your cat  with caution.

For this very reason you’ll find it very hard ( but not impossible ) to find vegan cat food. Vegan dog lovers , hurrah ! Unless you were to cook the vegan meal for your dog yourself, there is absolutely no reason to worry. There are plenty of brands out there.

But before you take a decision, know exactly what you need and what & where to buy!

While cost may be an issue, make sure the vegan dog food you’re about to buy is nutritionally complete. So avoid the cheapest ones with low quality ingredients and your dog should be happy and healthy.

Make sure the food you buy contains sufficient :

  • Protein ( specific amino acids like methionine and cysteine)
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B12 (just like human vegans)
  • Sodium.

Wild Earth

While there are some common ingredients to other plant-based diets in their recipe, Wild Earth’s vegan dog food provides higher levels of specific nutrients – such as proteins, digestible fibers and omega fatty acids – than most other brands.

The reason is simple:

The secret behind their high-protein, meat-free dog food is the #1 ingredient of the label : YEAST. These “tiny miracles”, as Wild Earth calls them, are miniature protein factories,  – they pump out ultra-high quality protein, grow easily as scale, and require radically fewer resources to produce. Which makes for another good argument to buy Wild Earth: it is eco-friendly.

The protein generated by their yeast is one of the biggest quality and contains all 10 essential amino acids your dog needs. It’s every bit as nutritious  as meat-based protein, with none of the downsides.

The result  is nutritionally complete, high-protein kibble and treats full of superfoods—with no animal-derived ingredients.



V-dog was the first vegan dog food company in the USA and remains a family owned, vegan business to this very day.

v-dog vegan foodV-dog does not reveal that much on what goes into their recipe.

But applauding testimonials are plenty: from zero inflammation, to happy dog pictures anxiously waiting for dinner time or a 16-year old Yorkshire puppy rating its v-dog food with 10 stars….

V-dog is currently available in the US for online ordering . For international orders, go to v-planet.


Is a 100% sustainable brand. This Italian company makes healthy grain- and vegetable-based foods for both dogs & cats.

Ami dry vegan dog food

Amì recipes are 100% plant basedTheir products respect the environment. They are made with recycled materials and raw materials without preservatives or artificial colors.

Amì is a global brand &  proud to be present in a growing number of countries and stores worldwide.


Benevo dog food is 100% vegan, organic, non-animal tested, thus cruelty free.

Benevo’s credentials speak for themselves. As a UK-company, all of their products are approved by the UK Vegan and Vegetarian Society.

Benevo organic vegan dog food

They are also PETA approved for not testing on animals. For two years in a row Benevo has achieved the highest level possible from the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Organisation, awarded  #1 out of 100.

Benevo makes both canned and dry food for dogs ( and cats ) as well as various treats. All of their products contain on average 25% of proteins and are wheat and/or gluten free.

Benevo also runs a local beach clean program. They collected any litter they came across in biodegradable sacks during their lunch break to re-introduce it into their zero-to-landfill waste stream.



Rated the best vegan dog food company according to PetLifeToday, Halo vegan food contains no dairy, corn, wheat, or rice. This is important if you have a dog who is sensitive to these ingredients.

Halo vegan dog food

The vegetables used in this dog food are non-GMO; they are sourced from growers who do not use genetically modified seeds at all. The carbohydrates used ( mainly peas and chickpeas ) have low glycemic indexes, so if your dog has diabetes or other health issues, this might be one of the better choices.


On an end note, lets summarize with this

  • Wet or dry food. Some dogs will only eat one type of food over another, and others like when wet and dry food are mixed. Financially speaking, dry food is usually less expensive than wet food. If your dog has dental problems or tends to become dehydrated from not drinking enough water, then wet food might be a better choice.
  • Ingredients. While all vegan foods will avoid animal products, some might contain other ingredients that your dog is sensitive to or allergic to. For example, if your furry friend can’t digest certain grains, you’ll want to be sure that they are not included in the formula or brand you choose.
  • Flavor. Dogs all have individual preferences, and some will eat only certain flavors of food. If yours has been accustomed to eating beef, turkey, or other animal proteins, you might need to experiment with various vegetarian flavors to find one that he likes just as much.


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