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Vegan Bathroom Chique!

Inspiration to vegan pimp up your bathroom !

When “veganizing” their bathroom, many vegans get rid of their traditional cleansing products, cosmetics, soaps & shampoos.  Yet, for many it stops there .

I wanted to see for myself how far I could get aiming at 100% “veganizing” my own bathroom and only end when I had banned the very last non- vegan item in there !

My Bathroom Cabinets

I have a small cabinet on the wall made entirely from recycled materials. This one I shipped from Belgium. The cupboard on the floor  is 100% made in Argentina. The frame and layers are panels formerly used in hardwood floors.  The door is a combination of recycled pinotea and quebracho, the latter the national tree from Argentina. No chemical paint or lacquer has been used.

I thought I was safe with my shower curtain made of Tyvek. Till I learned the material contains animal-based adhesives. It didn’t take me long to find I had plenty of choice between linen or hemp made shower curtains.

That’s when I discovered RAWGANIQUE !

Rawganique hemp shower curtain

Rawganique is a US and Canada based company and specializes in organic hemp and linen bathroom wear.

The shower curtains are made in Romania. Only purely vegetable-based dyes are used and they come in 13+ natural colors. Even the rings they provide ( optional ) are handmade from hemp macramé.

Their vegan bathroom collection does not stop there.  All made of organic linen & hemp and cotton, they also make

  • Towels
  • Bathrobes – they come in different weaves to suit different preferences and climate conditions
  • Bathmats – thick deep pile, rustic, handwoven

    Rawganique house shoes
    Rawganique glue-free hemp moc house shoes ground slippers
  • Grounding or Bathroom Slippers

Their woven hemp items are tinted with GOTS certified organic fiber-reactive, bio-degradable, low-impact eco-dyes made in Europe.


Rawganique is a 100% eco-friendly & vegan committed company based in the USA and Canada. I love their minimalistic look and natural touch so unique in linen and hemp materials.

Rawganique ships worldwide and shipment is free within the USA for orders above $ 250.


In France, another small company,  Couleur Chanvre, makes the most awesome 100% hemp or linen bathroom kimonos. Available in 11 + different colors, too my taste they are too beautiful to stay ‘bathroom’ indoors.

Couleur Chanvre kimono

Libeco-Lagae for the finest Belgian Linen

I would not be a good Belgian without mentioning here Libeco-Lagae. I have been sleeping in their linen sheets forever. But they carry several of the most exclusive linen bathroom items too.

The Belgian towel by Libeco-Lagae


Libeco is the ultimate destination for Belgian linen of the highest quality. They carry towels and wash  mitts, guest towels and washcloths, bath rugs and of course … a Belgian towel ! Available  in 13 different colors, this is the most versatile vegan towel you have ever seen !

Customers worldwide rave about its quality. Why wait to get yours ?

Could you scrub my back please?

Be careful with loofahs                                        natural loofah

  • Hurrah, I have a loofah hanging in my shower. Can you scrub me !
  • Stop ! Have you heard that loofahs are a breading ground for bacteria?
  • No? Enlighten me.

A true all-natural loofah is a bath product made out of a dried tropical gourd that sort of looks like a bright green cucumber. The loofah is made of a complex intertwining natural material. While this makes it a great scrubbing tool, that very same fibrous material is a perfect haven for bacteria to thrive.

According to Dr. Frieling  “Mold can harbor in loofahs and sponges alike, as well as germs, dead skin cells, and remnants of dirt, oil, and grime that we scrub of our bodies.”  “This can cause infection if washing an open cut, trap bacteria inside your pores, and prevent you from really cleansing yourself from germs.”

Back to Hemp

That’s the moment when hemp cloth comes in handy. It is ideal because its fibers feature an exfoliating scrubbing action that will rejuvenate your skin with a glow. You can get a facial or a body scrub cloth. I have a range of them  and I use some for both. They are easy to wash . Make sure to use a natural detergent.

RAWGANIQUE makes them. 100% women owned and operated & small company SADE BARON makes them too. Where I can I tend to favor small business especially during this difficult time.





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