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Sustainable Hotels In Amsterdam

After Paris & London, Amsterdam is the most visited city in Western Europe. I was never really fond of visiting, cause Amsterdam used to be so overrun by tourists, monopolized by ‘coffee’ shops. I am not keen on huge food temples either, and that’s exactly what you almost only get.

Old City Map AmsterdamSince price is the result of demand & offer, hotel rates are in the high too. ( i.e. pre-covid )

KLM, the Dutch airline who’s implemented an extensive sustainable program, flew me from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam in July 2019. I was asked to use my own earplugs in order to save the one they normally hand out for free. An initiative I applaud ! I also had the best flight for as ever I can remember. My compliments go to the chef for ‘cooking’ a delicious gluten free meal on board.

I had to be ‘home’ to sell my loft. When planning my return from Brussels via Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, I looked into some green hotels to stay at & enjoy a day or two with my mom in the Dutch cultural & commercial capital.

Green Key Eco-label for Hotels !

Green Key is a voluntary eco-label awarded to more than 3,200 hotels and other establishments in 65 countries. It was founded in Denmark in 1994. While most of the greenkey hotels can be found in Europe, there are some certified hotels in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia too. One is in Brazil, and the eco-Marcel in Buenos Aires is awaiting approval.

Marcel eco-hotel

Amsterdam has many green hotels on offer ! More than 50 hotels in Amsterdam have Green Key certification . With this Amsterdam hotels are showing the lead with green measures snowballing at an impressive pace.

Amsterdam Green hotels

Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Noordwijk aan Zee, on the North Sea coast near Amsterdam, is asking hotel guests to help clean up the beach. When they are going to take a beach walk, hotel staff encourages them to take a paper bag and pick up garbage along the way.

The Radisson Hotel Group operates 250+ eco-labelled hotels. Ethical business practices are at the core of their culture. They are committed to caring for their people, their communities and the planet. The group believes this is essential to running a thriving business and its responsibility as a global citizen.

The Radisson Groups’s Green Program includes:

  • Think People – Caring for people in their hotels and the value chain.
  • Think Community – Contributing to communities in which they work and partnering with organizations that provide basic human needs such as food and shelter, and create better future for local children and youth.
  • Think Planet – Practicing and championing sustainable business practices to reduce carbon, energy water and waste.”

NH Hotel Group manages premium upper-upscale hotels with iconic buildings located in the major capitals. In Amsterdam alone they run 13 hotels, including one at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Sustainability is one of their main strategic values. The sustainability perspective is built on three principles:

  • Care for the people they host
  • Care for the destinations where the hotels are located
  • Care for the planet we all live on.

The main focus of the group’s sustainability work is with energy, water, responsible suppliers, carbon footprint and climate change.

The Smaller hotels play it green too

I like it small. Big hotels are too sterile & anonymous for me.

Looking for a more cosy eco-hotel in Amsterdam? The Conscious Hotel Group has four sustainable hotels in Amsterdam, located at green locations close to the city center. Sights, museums and famous areas like the Jordaan and the Red Light District can be reached by public transport or by bike within no time.

All the CH hotels in Amsterdam have their own style and interior design, but they have one thing in common: they always pick the most sustainable materials. They want to look good and do good too. This in combination with the best guest experience is what they themselves call Eco-Sexy. “Big Smiles.”

The different nature of each building makes for a unique interior each time. One hotel is established in a monumental building and the other in a former tire changing station.

The 4 CH hotels have a Greenkey Gold certificate. How did they obtain that?

  • water saving taps and showers cradle-to-cradle Auping beds
  • minimizing waste
  • solar panels of the roof and the hotels run on Dutch wind power.
  • all rooms are equipped with Royal Dutch Auping beds, all cradle-to-cradle, meaning all materials will be reused later on
  • organic linen in the bed & bathroom
  • rental bikes which are made from recycled old bike frames.

Also in their restaurants they’re looking for the best products: everything is organic and mostly locally sourced.

For the full story of their eco-sexy-sustainability, find out here.

Hotel Jakarta, we have a winner !

Room at the Jakarta Hotel

“Insulation, installations and innovations … These smart applications make Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam one of the first energy-neutral hotels in the Netherlands.”

Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Jakarta is a spectacular building with a sustainable, industrial character, lots of transparent glass facades and a unique 30-meter high wooden main support structure. The beams, columns and ceilings are made of natural wood. The materials chosen are durable and have the FSC or PEFC quality mark. Almost all the used elements that have a short life span or are recyclable are reused by disassembly.

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam employs many energy-saving measures. Rainwater is collected to spray the subtropical indoor garden. PV panels in the facade and in the roof of the atrium collect, solar energy that is converted into electricity and heats the shower water. A warmth- and cold storage system will take care of heating and cooling the hotel. Even the staff will wear sustainably made company clothing, designed by fashion label By Rockland | HACKED by.

HACKED by__, with which they realize clothing collections from overproduction and residual fabrics and materials from the fashion industry. You can think of garments and materials that eventually end up in the shops due to a delay in the production process. Generally these items are destroyed which is a waste of resources.

When I say I like it small, I mean, really small. And for as hard as I looked, I couldn’t find a boutique hotel with less than 10 rooms aiming for sustainability. I am sure they exist. Should you know of any, please do let us know. We’d be delighted to feature them here.

My gratitude goes to WealthyAffiliates. 
Without their encouragement & technical support this website would not exist.
To KLM who each time I fly to meet friends & family in Europa, 
carries me over the ocean sane & sustainably.


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