Packaging for our Future

Packaging for our Future

We grab a bag of plastic to carry our groceries, we wrap leftovers in aluminum foil, we buy gifts and want them to come in the fanciest and shiniest glossy paper…. we do it ten times a day. And at the end of the day we take out the garbage, sorted when we have to, and the job is done. 365 days a year, billions of people on the planet guilty of the same behavior.

It pleases me to watch the pioneers designing alternative, sustainable ways to package. Packaging we can reuse, packaging which lasts.

I am utmost impressed with the following examples. I hope it tempts you !

Beeskin reusable packaging

BeeSkin – Sustainable, All Natural, Reusable

I was recently invited to become a member of a new application, to be able to follow the daily posts of ‘Ecoinventos’. It’s full of cheap, great, original, functional eco-friendly ideas.

They also provide product information. One that drew my attention was Beeskin. This young and new company based in Berlin, Germany manufactures one single product: reusable, sustainable, all natural wrapping paper. The only 4 ingredients needed for its production are:

  • Cotton fabric (GOTS certified) Beeskin
  • Beeswax (tested for pollutants and pesticides)( non-vegan )
  • Natural tree resin
  • Jojoba oil (organic)

Beeskin protects your food from air and moisture. Like the skin or peel of fruit and vegetables, they allow your food to breathe. The raw and organic ingredients used in your beeskin beeswax wraps have a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti fungal effect: they keep food fresh for longer. Take good care of your wraps and you will be able to use them for at least 1 year – guaranteed: wrap, rinse and reuse.

Beeskin comes as bags, labels, wrap sheets or rolls, even a beeskin repair kit.

And if making a sustainable product was not enough, the entire production line is eco-friendly too.

  • The company operates carbon neutral.
  • The electricity is 100% renewable and provided by Greenpeace Energy.
  • Packages are shipped carbon neutral with DHL GOGREEN
  • Beeskin is a member of Leaders for Climate Action
  • All their certified paper comes from Sweden where, for every tree cut off, 3 new ones are planted.

Europe is busy trying to safe our planet. Here’s another example.

DiFOLD Origami Bottle


is the most compact, stable and elegant collapsible bottle AND it is also kick starting a bigger REUSE REFOLD REVOLUTION! It is the flagship product that comes out of collapsible design technology and opens up a whole new foldable reusable world!

The challenge: to score better than any other reusable bottle on the market on all the following points:

Difold chart

Difold Bottles are made from Arnitel ECO by DSM which is currently half bio-based produced by using rapeseed oil. The future aim is to produce of 100% renewable content.

Arnitel Eco

2. Polypropylene and Polyethylene can potentially be produced by using renewables.

3. Closed-loop recyclability means that the material can be recycled to the same quality product or up cycled to a different product with higher demands.

4. TPE-E is a highly recyclable type of polymer. Arnitel ECO was granted a Cradle To Cradle certification in 2013.

5. We have used the LCA database of Delft University of Technology. It can be easily accessed via the IDEMAT app.

6. The carbon footprint of raw polymers can be significantly reduced in the near future by increasing the plant-derived content.

7. The carbon footprint of raw bottle glass is low, but Difold’s carbon footprint is lower. But because glass weighs 5 to 6 times more than plastic, the carbon footprint of Difold’s is lower.

Save 23% off the retail price and be among the first to get the DiFOLD Origami Bottle. Be part of a bigger ReUSE-ReFOLD Revolution! You get ONE DiFOLD Origami Bottle 25oz (750 ml). ✈️ We ship worldwide! Go to: Indiegogo.

Samsung’s ‘Eco-Packaging’ for Its Lifestyle TV Lineup

Samsung makes another significant step toward sustainability,

with eco-friendly recyclable cardboard packaging

Samsung Electronics announced early 2020 it will introduce a new eco-friendly packaging across its Lifestyle TV product portfolio in efforts to reduce the environmental footprint.

Samsung The Frame

Samsung’s new ‘eco-packaging’ made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard will be applied to The Serif, The Frame and The Sero, allowing customers easier recycling as well as up cycling of the cardboard boxes for creative reuse.

Samsung cat house

Samsung has applied a dot matrix design on each side of its eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes, allowing customers to cut the boxes more easily and assemble them into various other uses, such as small end tables or houses for pets.

Included within the packaging is a manual to guide customers on how to make household items out of the cardboard boxes, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the box.

Owners of The Serif who tend to put shelves and furniture around the TV can build cat houses, magazine racks and even shelves from the cardboard boxes to store household items and electronic devices, including the remote control.

Samsung shelving systemEarlier 2020, Samsung had already won CES 2020 Innovation Awards for its eco-packaging concept for promoting the efficient use of resources.

With 4 cats in my house, my next TV is going to be The Sero !



Reusable fast food packaging from cocoa bean shells by PriestmanGoode

According to a 2019 Azoth Analytics report, the online food delivery and takeaway market is worth around £42.6 billion ($53.5 billion) per year globally. This figure is now expected to be higher as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, due to restaurants signing up to delivery platforms like Deliveroo, Glovo, Rappi, UberEats… since lock down measures in most countries were enforced.

Crises always present an opportunity for design to create something that can contribute to a sense of occasion, that is beautiful, practical and sustainable.

PriestmanGoode Zero bento style boxes

The circular economy is where materials are kept in circulation instead of being extracted, used and thrown away.

In comes PriestmanGoode. ‘Zero’ is their concept for an incentive-based food-delivery system that could encourage consumers to use and return bio plastic containers to takeaway restaurants.

PriestmanGoode researched various food-safe materials that could replace the plastic containers currently used for takeaway meals and deliveries and tested them for qualities such as heat-proof, lightweight, recyclability and insulation.

They designed an attractive alternative that could be reused again and again. If produced for widespread use, the containers and bag would be made from sustainable materials such as cocoa bean shells, mycelium and pineapple husk.

Zero’s boxes would have a bento-style stacking system, ridding of the need for individual lids by placing each container on top of the other, with the base of one acting as the lid for another.

The perfect combination of sustainable raw materials

PriestmanGoode’s team of designers developed a bio plastic made from by-products of the cacao industry to make up the body of the containers. The material is partly made from cocoa bean shells, which is a by-product of industrial chocolate production, separated from the bean during the roasting process.

PriestmanGoode bag for bento boxesDesign studio Ty Syml envisioned using mycelium for insulation in the takeaway delivery bag, while Piñatex – a leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves – would be used for the bag lid.

A plant-based neoprene-type rubber called Lexcell, developed by Yulex, would be used for the food container and bag handles.

The bag’s outer would be comprised of the biodegradable Nuatan material by Crafting Plastics, made from corn-starch, sugar and waste cooking oil, which can withstand high temperatures.

We live in Hope

I am thrilled seeing so much sustainable beauty. As my search for sustainable packaging solutions continues, I will be adding to this post. With open-heart & arms I welcome all your suggestions. I can be reached through the comments section, e-mail or whats app.

Once more I owe it to WealthyAffiliate and their encouragement and technical support for providing me with all the tools to make this website come true.

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