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In the mood for coffee !

I am in the mood for coffee, especially today. My celiac baking friend is coming over with some irresistible chocolate death cupcakes I have been dying for since she mentioned them. Chocolate demands coffee !

At home, I brew coffee the eco-friendly way.

The best green way to brew coffee is when there is zero waste. Except of course the coffee grounds with a zillion ways to recycle them. No expensive aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules, not even a bleached paper filter is allowed. So how then can I brew my coffee eco-consciously?

Cold Brew

I have to admit that I prefer my coffee warm. But cold brew is a good option on hot Summer days. A cold brew uses zero electricity and a reusable filter, and makes coffee by brewing coffee beans in a reusable filter, net or cloth. The coffee brews for about 14 to 24 hours, depending on a person’s preferred strength, and is served cold.

Cold brew is easy to DIY and has no secrets. I suggest you make a big batch in advance which you can then store for up to 2 weeks in your fridge. You’ll just need some good! coffee beans, a jar, and a cold overnight soak.

The next day you strain the mixture, leaving you with a concentrate (it’s strong, so you’ll want to dilute it) that can be served right away or stored for up to two weeks.

Beyond the fact that this method makes for a longer-lasting brew that can be prepared in big batches, cold brew coffee also tastes downright incredible. The cold steeping process makes a smooth, mellow cup of coffee that has very little acidity or bitterness.

Takeya Cold Brew Coffee MakerSummer Suggestion

Serve with some almonds milk over ice-cubes in a long fancy glass !

You can use any kind of jar or get a special one from Amazon. And to make the straining process simple, use one of the Homhyee disposable filters made from 100% natural compostable fiber.

Cold Brew disposable coffee bags









3 simple steps to remind:

  • Go for a larger grind to prevent the batch from getting bitter
  • Increase the ratio of coffee to water
  • Strain slowly

You’re now ready for a cold coffee party on the terrace.

The French Press

That sounds frenchy chick, doesn’t it? Besides of the fact that preparing your daily round of coffee with a french press is fast & easy, it makes excellent coffee too. But you got to do it right !

Bear in mind that there are many ways to brew coffee, each way requiring a grind of its own for best results. Below is a chart showing the grind size for different brewing methods.

Grind size

A French press has a reusable filter and easily washable pot and can make a small to larger amount of coffee, so extra coffee doesn’t go to waste. They come in various sizes, from the individual cup to a size 12.

You will need hot water to poor over the coffee and when using green energy you’ll be the top student of the class. French press coffee calls for a coarse, even grind. I find that I get the best result by warming the glass pot with hot water first. In the warmed up now empty pot I scoop the coffee. You might want it strong or weak, that’s every one’s cup of tea…ups… cup of coffee. I like my coffee strong. After two minutes I slowly pour 2 inches of hot water ( not boiling water please ! ) and let it sit for another minute. Then I pour the rest of the water to fill the jar. After gently squeezing the filter to the bottom, I am ready to taste. Bodum Color Scheme

There is no need to soap cleanse the pot when finished. I usually rinse it and feed the ‘coffeed’ water to the plants.

I still remember buying my first french press from the Danish table and kitchenware manufacturer BODUM. It was red. They have gone far beyond the red, selling the french press in a whole variety of different colors, sizes, materials & models.

No doubt this must be Bodum’s best-selling item. I suggest you try the french press for a cold brew too.

Bodum French Press

Bodum takes the coffee brewing process very seriously. There’s no space for paper filters or capsules. Only a selection of products that guarantee a great cup of coffee as final result. Bodum has more waste free coffee brewing tools in stall.

You can get the french press directly from Bodum. Amazon sells a limited selection of Bodum products too. But they carry a lot of amazing coffee item brands as well. I love the glass & wood combination of the Cosori Pour Over coffee maker.

The Pour Over


Pour Over

Check out Bodum’s 1l content Pour Over. The BODUM® POUR OVER Coffee Maker has a fine mesh stainless steel filter that eliminates the need for paper filters.


This promotes the pure unfolding of the flavor – no more paper filters that trap the essential oils and flavors. The strap comes in various colors too.


Refillable coffee pods for Nespresso machines

Refillable coffee pods

As previously mentioned I prefer my morning brew warm, strong and with some foam on top of it. It’s a habit I picked up during my one year in Italy that will never go away. On top of that I have 3 Nespresso machines here at the hotel Marcel.

Nespresso capsules are expensive ( in Argentina ) and very polluting in spite of Nespresso’s claim to recycle. There is still just too many capsules that end up in the average household garbage bin. Since Nespresso’s patent expired many coffee companies started packaging their coffee to fit into a Nespresso machine. Still polluting and NOT recycling.

No need to panic ! You will still need electricity but can avoid wasting aluminum. Several brands have launched reusable espresso pods and they come with reusable or 1-time use seals or lids. It makes excellent coffee when you follow these tips:

  • Use high-quality, preferably freshly ground espresso beans (stronger roasting, min. 20-25% of Robusta coffee beans).
  • The optimum grinding level is “fine” to “very fine”. …
  • Fill the capsule as tight as possible by pressing down the coffee powder using a tamper.

I strongly suggest buying an aluminum pod as plastic tends to overheat, stick to your machine and leave an odor. There are capsules on the market for Senseo, Dolce Gusto machines too.

Collecting the coffee grounds for recycling is easy. Take off the seal or lids, shake the grounds in a container. Then choose if you are going to feed the grounds to your plants or grow oyster mushrooms.

Ready to give it a try? Drop me a note to share your experience ! Should you prefer to buy your coffee in beans and experiment with the grind, household coffee grinders are fairly inexpensive.

Bodum white coffee grinder

If you are into coffee drinking, buy a good one. From the award-winning Baratza Virtuoso grinder preferred by coffee professionals to Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder or a manual grinder with a built-in adjustable grind selector … there is one for every budget.

Selection of coffee grinders

Interesting Reads

Should you wish to read while sipping your coffee, here are some coffee table books we adore !

One on coffee of course ! Uncommon Grounds on Kindle


Uncommon Grounds tells the story of coffee from its discovery on a hill in ancient Abyssinia to the advent of Starbucks.

Mark Pendergrast reviews the dramatic changes in coffee culture over the past decade, from the disastrous “Coffee Crisis” that caused global prices to plummet to the rise of the Fair Trade movement and the “third-wave” of quality-obsessed coffee connoisseurs.

As the scope of coffee culture continues to expand, Uncommon Grounds remains more than ever a brilliantly entertaining guide to the currents of one of the world’s favorite beverages.

On Kindle Hardcover or Paperback

Coffee reads

The World Atlas of Coffee                Coffee – a Global History                 Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee                   Coffeeland

A word of acknowledgment goes to WealthyAffiliate for encouraging me and providing the technical support to make this website dream come true.

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  1. It’s very good to get on the coffee schedule and all, for a very long time now I’ve been into coffee and I don’t know if it’s bad or good but I’m so addicted that I just can’t miss my dose a day, lol, every morning on my way to the office. What baffles me is that, is it possible to get a bad side from getting addicted to coffee?

    • Hi there, drinking coffee has health benefits, so much is clear. But like with all things too much, those health benefits get lost.  Coffee is no water, so try to drink it but not exaggerate.

  2. hello there awesome article you have here this really dragged my attention i just could not ignore it am not really a fan of coffee but i sure do have friends and family members whom i will be willing to share this with thanks for sharing this important information with the public.

    • Dear Joy,  Many thanks and happy you liked it. I try to tackle subjects that seem evident but in reality are not. In today’s world we have alway a choice, to do things the sustainable way or not. And I try to show that through my articles. Please follow me and urge your friends to do the same ! I will mean the world to me.Karin 


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