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How to maximize your Amazon AP on WP


How to maximize your Amazon Affiliate Program(s) with WordPress?

When you have a niche site up and running and you work with several affiliate programs, I am absolutely certain Amazon is one of them. I can pull out the whole arsenal of statistics, showing you how big and important Amazon is & will always be for existing and future affiliates, whatever the changes Amazon might be making. I am confident that this aspect needs no convincing.

Being part of the Amazon Associates program can be challenging and following up on your account(s) can be pretty time consuming. You might have an account with one or more or all of the Amazon Associates programs. If you were wondering how big the Amazon program is ! Here is the answer & the numbers that matter ( for you ):

Last time I checked ( date of the last update of this article ), Amazon had 18 programs up & running. Here’s the full list in alphabetical order.

  • Australia
  • Brazil ( Brasil )
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany ( Deutschland )
  • India
  • Italy ( Italia )
  • Japan
  • Mexico ( México)
  • Netherlands ( Nederland )
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Spain ( España )
  • Turkey ( Türkiye )
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Commission potential is huge. You can decide to become a member of one, more or all of them. ( I managed to register for the Indian Amazon AP but was unable to setup the payment details ). The set up procedure is more or less the same but you have to register & set up your payment details separately for each one of them.

How do I manage all my Amazon accounts efficiently? Let me introduce you to:


As an affiliate and/or content provider, we all want one thing: more commissions with less work. With the help of you can now automatically localize and affiliate existing Amazon product links in your content and boost your international commissions by up to 200%, overnight.

How does it work? offers localization and automatic affiliation. Here’s an example.

I am registered with 12 of the 18 Amazon programs. My website is in English which means my readers are spread all over the globe. It is technically impossible to place 12 links behind each Amazon product. Hence, the potential loss of business & commission income is enormous.

Imagine you are on my side and you live in Australia. You click on an Amazon product you want to buy. The product is listed on and ships from the United States. You might decide it’s too much of a hassle and ‘check out’. If you really want the product so badly you’ll login to and buy the product there. I, alias Green On The Beach, have lost you as my customer and thus also lost my commission because you decided to shop elsewhere.

Now imagine that very same link will take you exactly where you need to be: straight to Amazon Australia. When you decide to buy the product, I WILL get my commission because with the help of Geniuslink the Amazon products I feature are automatically linked to not just one Amazon account but all 12 of them.

Because this is exactly what Geniuslink does:

“sending every click to the appropriate product in the Amazon storefront that is local for the shopper clicking the link”

Geniuslink will help send my visitors ( and if you are an Amazon affiliate, yours too ) to the page where they have the best chance of making a purchase. Imagine the potential revenue I am about to gain. Not only will it boost my sales by higher conversions, but sure damn is saves me a hell lot of work.

Embed Geniuslink in your WordPress website

You do not need to be a genius to set up and activate your account. The easy-to-install WP plugin Amazon Link Engine has been developed for your convenience.

Login to your WordPress website – go to Dashboard – Plugins – Add New –

Search for the ‘Amazon Link Engine’ – Install – Activate

Now go to Settings and keep your window open.

  1. Meanwhile go to and set up your account. CLICK JOIN. The process is simple and straightforward. You can immediately start your 14-day free trial. After trial you’ll be paying $5/month for the first 2,000 clicks and an additional $2/1,000 clicks. That is a tiny fraction of what you’ll safe and make by increasing your conversion. I’d be jumping through the roof for paying $7/month, cause that would mean 3,000 clicks/month on all my Amazon links!

2. You will now have an API key and a Secret code.

3. Click AFFILIATE in the menu and scroll to ‘Your Affiliate Programs’. Click on ADD PROGRAM.

For each of your Amazon accounts you received a Tracking ID. Select the right program and copy & paste the corresponding Tracking ID. Click ‘Connect this Program’.

4. Now return to TOOLS & click on ‘Geniuslink API keys’ or scroll down the page to find them.

You will see your API key and your Secret key or code. Copy both keys. Go back to your WordPress website on the window that you left open. Paste both keys into the Amazon Link Engine plugin. Then Save Changes. Your account will automatically be connected. Each time you add an Amazon Program to your Geniuslink account, it will show in your Amazon Link Engine. No need for further action.

5. Should you wish or need to add more affiliate programs later, you can do so directly from your site. In the settings of the Amazon Link Engine plugin, scroll to number 3, Monetize your Traffic and hit ‘connecting … ‘.

Comprehensive Reporting

In addition, connecting your Geniuslink account to the Amazon Link Engine, gives you access to comprehensive reporting on clicks and commissions that no other plugin can offer. These reports allow you to review your link’s performance across many metrics including product type, referrer, browser, device, operating system, destination storefront, and geography.


Is it safe to use Geniuslink?

Genius Link falls completely in-line with Amazon’s Operating Agreement, and they work hard with their team to ensure their users get the best experience possible with both services.


The Amazon Link Engine in combination with Geniuslink is a powerful tool. No matter how many programs, websites, or campaigns you run, one Geniuslink account keeps them separate and effortlessly organized. Rejoice: you don’t need to log in to 6 different dashboards or use ugly spreadsheets anymore.

As I gradually learn how to build & improve my niche websites based on quality content & affiliate 
programs, I came to realize how much I wanted to share the knowledge I have gained.
The more I learn the more passionate I become. That's why I have added a whole new category :
Affiliate Website Training.

By registering here for Geniuslink I might get some benefits through the Geniuslink referral program.

I truly hope you find it helpful and I welcome all questions, critique and suggestions.

9 thoughts on “How to maximize your Amazon AP on WP”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m an affiliate of two Amazon Associate programs but have stopped short of joining more so far because of the sheer hassle and effort of having to place multiple links to each program on my pages. Had I known about this sooner I would have joined all 18 Amazon affiliate programs already! One question, is Geniuslink just for Amazon affiliate programs or can it be used to track and organise other affiliate links as well? 

    • Hi Will,  It’s my pleasure sharing. Geniuslink works with several other platform, Itunes and Youtube being 2 of them. I tried to register for all of the Amazon programs, but sometimes for lack of an address in the respective countries, I am not allowed.

      Good luck setting up your account!

  2. I appreciate you sharing this information. I am an Amazon affiliate and previously joined several different countries besides my own but each one of those ran out of time and lapsed due to lack of qualifying sales via those countries.

    I have never heard of this particular plug in and I will have to take a closer look at this next week and see if it could be useful for me to use on any of my sites.

    Thank you, good and useful post.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for liking it. You’ll see, it might tun out to be one of the most useful plugins ever installed. The initial setup might take some time, but once done the gain is yours.

  3. Hi Karin! Thank you so much for this post. I had no idea that a plugin like this exists. This opens up so much for me. I was hesitant to join Amazon affiliate but this honestly just  is was just gave me the final push to go for it.  It was a very easy read and kept my attention all the way through. 

    Thanks again for sharing and I will make sure to look into it and incorporate this ro my business. 

  4. Hi, Karin,

    I’m an associate of Amazon US. I always wondered how it worked if someone was looking for a product on Amazon, but then it turns out it was available somewhere else. I never tried joining other programs abroad, but with this plugin, this seems something feasible.

    Now, would there be any problem for tax purposes? Would I be generating my income in the US or would I have to pay in each country separately? I’d hate to get myself into this.

    Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to your hearing from you.

    • Hi Enrique,

      Thanks for liking my article. As for your tax situation, I am not a USD resident or citizen. When registering for each individual program, you’ll be asked this question precisely for your tax purpose. I know being a US citizen or resident is very different from my tax situation. Logically this will be regulated by US tax law. So before you start I suggest you look into that.


  5. I’m an relate of Amazon. I continuously pondered how it worked in the event that somebody was seeking out for a item on Amazon, but at that point it turns out it was accessible some place else. I never attempted joining other programs overseas, but with this plugin, this appears something feasible. Now, would there be any issue for tax purposes? Would I be creating my income within the US or would I need to pay in each nation independently? I’d abhor to urge myself into this. Thanks for sharing with us. I see forward to your hearing from you.

    • Hi Ezra, thanks for asking. You are not the first and only one who came up with the question. Hence , I decided to do an article on Amazon and the Tax Situation. I am further studying the situation of US citizens earning affiliate income abroad. As I point out in my article, it will depend on your situation. Are you a US citizen, in which country do you legally reside? You would have to look into whether or not there is a Tax Treaty and in the affirmative case, how affiliate income is treated.


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