How to recycle your coffee grounds

According to the ICO ( the International Coffee Organization ), world coffee consumption in one year is estimated to represent about 150 million bags. Given that each bag weighs 130 pounds or 59 kg, that is almost 9 billion kilos. Less than 1% of the bean is consumed in a cup of coffee, leaving millions of tons of nutrient-rich biomass wasted and unused.

So much potential energy? What can we do to recycle coffee ground?

Oyster Mushrooms on coffee grounds

Oyster Mushrooms on Coffee Grounds

I love mushrooms, every kind of mushroom, as long as they’re edible of course. In March 2013 three young engineers in Brussels did the first tests to cultivate oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. The city of Brussels offered them the free use of the Tour & Taxi cellars for the production.

The concept of PERMAFUNGI is simple: mix half a volume of coffee grounds with half a volume of fermented straw. Then add the mycelium. Place the mixture into some transparent container. uses plastic cylinder bags ( see the picture above ) meant to wrap carpets. Put it into a dark place for about 3 weeks until the mycelium colonizes the entire content. Remove it from the dark, pinch some holes and place the container into the light ( avoid direct light ). You should be able to harvest your first mushrooms after ten to 12 days.

To source the coffee grounds, they co-partnered first with Exki, a fast-food, health food chain. Later with production booming, they added Le Pain Quotidien.

After I took a 3-hour workshop with them, I returned home with two fat ‘sausages’. Less than 3 weeks later I harvested my first delicious mushrooms.

If you are a decent coffee drinker, you can cultivate oyster mushrooms at home, in the bottom part of a plastic bottle they thrive well.

Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Coffee contains caffeine. But also so much more: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, nitrogen. Coffee grounds also add some acidity to the earth ideal to grow tomatoes, strawberries.

The benefit of using coffee grounds as a fertilizer is that it adds organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil. Plants, especially root plants like carrots, like it when you stir the surrounding ground.

The used coffee grounds will also help microorganisms beneficial to plant growth thrive as well as attract earthworms. I tend to dilute my coffee grounds with water. This makes it much easier to apply.

But coffee has more uses in your garden:

You can use coffee grounds as a mulch for your plants, to keep slugs and snails away from plants.

The theory is that the caffeine in the coffee grounds negatively affects these pests and so they avoid soil where the coffee grounds are found.

As for the claim that coffee grounds on the soil is a cat repellent, I don’t buy it. At least not for my male cat. It’s his private toilet ! It’s his statement against another male cat & so be it .

Use coffee grounds in your compost, the worms love it.

Coffee Grounds to Neutralize Odors

Have you ever washed your hands with coffee grounds after peeling garlic or onions? The nitrogen found in coffee grounds helps to eliminate sulfur gas, a gas which causes bad odors.

Instead of using carbon to neutralize the smell in your fridge, you can also use coffee grounds.

Natural Exfoliator

Don’t be afraid of applying coffee grounds on your skin. It’s a chemical-free, no waste natural exfoliator. Rub it with your hands or a natural sponge. Your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s.

By mixing the grounds with honey or coconut oil, it will be rich in flavor and texture.

The caffeine in coffee grounds has potent antioxidant properties that can help protect the skin from sun damage.

Coffee Grounds as a Natural Cleaning Scrubs

If you used coffee grounds as an exfoliator, you might have noticed they are abrasive. This will help to clean a greasy, dirty kitchen surface or your pots and pans. At the same time you will be sanitizing them thanks to the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the coffee grounds.

I live in a country where people get together on a weekly basis for a barbecue. Cleaning the grill with coffee grounds gives a wonderful result. And it makes my life so much easier.

Win the fight against cellulite

80% of adult women show some presence of cellulite. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue under the skin. Cellulite is most common in the buttocks and the ties.

There is still no scientific proof that coffee or the caffeine in coffee helps against cellulite. However, when applying the coffee grounds on your skin in circles, you increase the blood circulation and this in its turn will decrease the appearance of cellulite on your skin.

You should not worry when you’re not a coffee drinker. There are a lot of read-to-use anti-cellulite creams containing caffeine or coffee on the market.

We have selected tree best-selling products for you:

Tree Hut firming sugar scrubTree Hut info






Tree Hut is a Naterra brand line of personal care items, offering a full line of bath and body care products. … Tree Hut products are all made with certified organic shea, natural extracts, and do not contain parabens, DMDM, or petrolatum.

“Amazing for legs, abs and booty firming”

“Improvement on stretch marks and loose skin”

“Very exfoliating without being sharp and scratchy. Leaves you feeling very clean and smooth .”

The sound of thousands of positive comments.

Tough some customers worry about the presence of asbestos in the talc.

Tree Hut Shea products are available on Amazon, and in America in all the CVS, Walmart, Walgreen and others.

Three Active Vegan Coffee Cellulite Scrub

Tree Active coffee cellulite scrubTreeActive vegan coffee cellulite scrub




This is not your average coffee scrub. With premium Coffee, Ashwagandha Root, European Spa Salt, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, and other select ingredients, this natural scrub is an effective exfoliant that’s specifically formulated to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Coffee is an amazing natural exfoliant that stimulates your skin, Ashwagandha Root reduces inflammation, Juniper Berry fights fluid retention, and Spa Salt draws out impurities while it allows your lymphatic tissue to drain.

This product received biased reviews, for its texture being difficult to apply. But the majority of buyers loved it and claim it’s the best scrub they ever tried.

available on Amazon

Natural Riches

Natural Riches’ coffee scrub has been enriched with moisturizing and skin soothing coconut oil, sea salt for extra exfoliating, geranium essential oil to provide a sweet captivating smell and coconut oil to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Wheat germ oil completes the formula with vitamins and fatty acids which nourishes and protect your skin.

Available on Amazon

Tenderize Meat

Salt, enzymes and acids are three natural types of meat tenderizers. Coffee contains natural acids and enzymes, making it especially effective at tenderizing meat.

Simply apply the grounds on the meat, cook it and remove the grounds before serving.

Use and Reuse your coffee grounds and stay healthy !

Never again throw away your coffee grounds. If you don’t drink enough coffee to try out these tips, you can always grab a bag of coffee grounds in a nearby Starbucks.




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