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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

A review of 6+ leading brands around the globe  specialized in making

irresistible hemp collars for your paw some pets.

Why we love pet collars made of hemp !

Hemp Collar by PrettyMuttsHemp is environmentally friendly, grown without pesticides and herbicides, and biodegradable. Hemp is grown with 50% less water than cotton and uses 4 times less water during production. It is up to 10 times stronger than cotton. It is durable, strong, and actually softens over time.

What makes hemp collars ideal for pets is that hemp has hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and odor prevention qualities.
Hemp has an extremely high tensile strength and its breaking strain is the highest you will find. Because it’s so strong, durable, anti microbial, resistant to UV Light and does not deteriorate in salt water, hemp dog collars are also perfectly waterproof.

Our Winning Brands Revealed …



All the products at RenardOutfitters are handmade in their pet friendly shop. The collars are handcrafted in the USA and made with a combination of hemp & metal.

  • Shipped using Eco- friendly, recycled packaging material
  • main color : natural hemp
  • other hemp products: slip-through bandannas, collapsible dog bowls, dog leashes/leads
  • Texas, USA

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PrettyMutts set up store in Portugal. They specialize in dog collars made with a combination of metal hardware, organic hemp webbing and cork. They provide useful information on how to measure your dog before placing your order. 10% of your purchase is donated to a local dog shelter.

  • Organic hemp in a combination of cork for the labels
  • no plastic used for the packaging
  • other hemp products: leads

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PawsomePetToys hemp collars are all yellow hand-dyed. They are unique, handcrafted and super strong.

Only dyes classified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as Eco-friendly are used.

  • Hemp webbing, steel buckle, steel accessories
  • drawback: they use leather for the name tags ( sorry guys )
  • woman owned
  • Riga, Latvia
  • other hemp products : cat toys, dog toys sets, leashes

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Based in the USA, Asatra makes gorgeous mainly green shaded, fleece lined hemp collars for all sizes of dogs. Their products are extremely wallet friendly.

  • Natural hemp with chrome and plastic hardware      Hemp Collar by Asatre
  • available colors: green, tan, blue, red        sizes : for small, medium & large dogs
  • other hemp products : harnesses, leashes, toys; non-pet products : soaps, mouth masks, clothing line

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Way down under in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Mandy WILSON is in charge of the production and design of her own brand. For someone wanting a lightweight, quality, natural collar, the BohemiHandcrafted collars are a great choice.

  • Soft Hemp Twill Weave Webbing, Rounded Metal Quick Release Buckle, Welded Steel D Ring, Steel Tri Glide Slider, Certified Organic Cotton
  • other products : leaches ; non-hemp : dog jackets, organic cotton face masks ( praised for their quality, the best fit & craftsmanship )
  • woman owned
  • minimally packaged in a reusable and home compostable postage bag
  • free shipping Australia wide when bought directly from them

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 Hunt + HowlingMoon

Based in South Africa, HuntandHowlingMoon owner Jone Geldhuys claims she is obsessed with dogs. That’s why she believes that in a perfect world every home should have a dog & every dog should have a home. As a natural conclusion, Hunt + HowlingMoon will donate 5% of each and every sale to dog rescue & rehabilitation.

Hunt + Howlingmoon makes beautiful adjustable and easy to take on and off collars from recycled, natural and end-of-roll fabrics, thereby combining the two most Eco-friendly fabrics: hemp and linen.

Each Hunt + Howlingmoon dog accessory is lovingly handmade in their Cape Town studio with an emphasis on unique design. Small runs ensure that there are limited editions of each style, meaning there is less chance that your pup will be seen wearing the same goods as every other dog on the street!

  • hemp linen, hemp, linen, antique brass
  • not recommended during swims in salty water
  • other products: leads, bandannas, dog beds, dog clothing, dog treat pouches
  • woman owned

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More amazing brands

Green Bean Dog, Santa Barbara, California

Hump Chewer, Kranj, Slovenia

The Good Dog Company, USA

Luxe Pets Boutiques

Earthdog, Nashville, Tennesse, USA

What is there not to love about hemp collars

Pets love natural stuff and the smell of it. They don’t care of the origin, but we should. Maybe ten years ago it was a near impossible task to find vegan pet wear. Luckily things have changed  much for the better. Lately the world has seen a boom in vegan products for pets. They come in a whole range of materials, sizes and prizes.

In reply of a huge lack of organic and natural alternatives, the world has seen many passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs arise. Their passion in line with their creativity, talent & courage is a gift from god. They can be a working mom with kids, a married couple with kids & many dogs … in search of fulfilling personal aspirations. They all share one mission: making long-lasting products for our furry friends that are not only vegan but products that also reduce our impact on the environment. Inspired by these successful young entrepreneurs, some major players on the market have walked in their footsteps.

The amazing effect of this is an ever growing collection of pet collars, leads, toys, … made of natural hemp materials. One of the many positive results of the use of hemp is that these products are also hypoallergenic and won’t cause digestion trouble if swallowed by your pet.

If you were not yet convinced of the many benefits of hemp, for your pet, for yourself, for our next generations, then we at The Vegan Pet Shop we truly hope you are now.

Let me finish with even better news. Most if not all the hemp dog collars featured here are budget friendly, especially compared to the fancy plastic or leather ones.

I’d like to end with a side note. I hope that those who made it up to here will enjoy it. When I was in the midst of writing this article, with all my notes for this ( and future ) articles stored on a word and an excel file I had not saved, my eldest female cat Leonie walked over my keyboard. She stood on the switch of button of my PC for a second too long. All I could do is hope & pray my day’s research would not be lost. I could have killed the cat, cause it lost it all. I did no harm to Leonie, how could I ! I stood up from my chair, poured myself a nice glass of Malbec wine, set down again and resumed writing.


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