Ever danced on Vegan Tango Shoes?

Vegan Tango shoes… as per ‘no leather or animal product involved’.

The following two brands ( difficult to find more ) show this can be true.

What accounts for a comfortable tango shoe?

In Tango like many other dances the man leads and the woman follows. Men move forward and the women backwards, so women’s dancing shoes should be designed keeping the backward walking in mind.

For the backward step, the woman steps backward on the front of the foot which is usually 1/3rd of the foot length, thus it is important to make the front comfortable.

My all time favorite Madame Pivot.

Madame Pivot vegan tango shoe

When still living  in Brussels I bought my first Madame Pivot pair at DeTangoSeTrata.com, a tango shoe store I had founded myself in 2007 . DeTangoDeTrata was selling Gretaflora ( they no longer make tango shoes ) tango shoes mainly.

Anticipating my move to Buenos Aires I later sold the name & stock to Sandrina. Sandrina brought in Madame Pivot.

Madame Pivot is based in Tuscany, on the hills surrounding the beautiful city of Florence. It was founded in 2007 by Leonardo and Federica, two friends with a creative mind and a passion for tango.

Their idea was to produce MADE IN ITALY shoes specifically designed for tango with impeccable technical features and a great design. The ancient tradition and quality of the Italian artisan craftsmanship has been put at tango’s service!

The research for the best materials, cooperation with local producers, the choice of comfortable forms for the perfect fit and a great attention to detail have transformed this dream into a successful reality.

5 years ago Madame Pivot started making a few vegan versions of some of their models following customers’ requests. They chose some versions made in textile materials, like simple satin and fabric and looked for a vegan alternative of all the shoe pieces which were made of any type of leather or other animal product. So they found fabric and synthetic leather lining, insoles, soles… and so on, until their shoes were 100% vegan.
To the versions in simple fabric they added others in glitter materials with a fabric base, synthetic leather and patent, vinyls and anything else which could be used for our vegan line.
All of them have soles in tunit, a popular material made from synthetic vulcanised rubber which is durable and light and which was mainly used for spot shoes until it is was introduced in the vegan footwear industry.

Today Madame Pivot offers a selection of hundreds of shoe styles for men and women, and it has become a well-loved and trusted brand for tango dancers in Italy and worldwide.

Amongst that huge selection you’ll find that most models come in one or several vegan versions too.

I personally dance with  Madame Pivot vegan tango shoes and all I can say they are as comfortable as a tango shoe can be.

You can order Madame Pivot directly from them online for the widest choice

Axistango also sells Madame Pivot and lots of other brands too

A Tango Shoe Brand Story: Turquoise

Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes are designed and handmade in Istanbul by a team of dancers and shoemakers committed to creating comfortable, light, and beautiful footwear for dancers around the world.

Deciding that “good enough is not enough,” Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes owners resolved to create their own line of shoes, testing them personally at milongas to ensure that they achieved the right combination of quality, durability, and elegance.      Turquoise vegan tango shoe

Detail oriented and dedicated, Turquoise Tango Shoes make each pair into a minor masterpiece.

Turquoise Tango Dance Shoes offer numerous unique vegan styles, and — something important to female clients — many are one of a kind. I absolutely love the bright colors in their collection. The use of fabric has been a great addition and allowed the introduction of brand new color combinations. I personally believe this is what makes Turquoise shoes so unique.

Half sizes, not available from other leading tango shoe brands, are offered at Turquoise, resulting in a perfect fit.

Turquoise Vegan Tango Dance Shoes have been available in many countries, earning a reputation for great comfort and superb design. Now, at last, they have come to the US and Canada.

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  1. I can’t imagine a synthetic fiber molding to your foot and being able to breathe. It eould be interesting to try them.


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