7 Eco-Friendly Hotels – Handpicked

Eco Friendly hotels

Sustainability, small, comfort & beauty can perfectly go hand in hand. The following 7 handpicked boutique hotels are living proof that SUSTAINABILTY, SMALL, COMFORT & BEAUTY make a perfect match ! With all the weather-related disasters in this world today, eco-friendly travel is becoming the way to go, in a strong effort for environmental sustainability. … Read more 7 Eco-Friendly Hotels – Handpicked

Sustainable Hotels In Amsterdam

Eco-hotel MArcel

After Paris & London, Amsterdam is the most visited city in Western Europe. I was never really fond of visiting, cause Amsterdam used to be so overrun by tourists, monopolized by ‘coffee’ shops. I am not keen on huge food temples either, and that’s exactly what you almost only get. Since price is the result … Read more Sustainable Hotels In Amsterdam

Am I flying green?

Flying Green

We all know that not all airlines are the same? They carry a different logo, colors, language, in flight magazine. The uniforms can be bland or sexy and ticket prices may well vary. But have you ever picked an airline for being eco-friendly? Ever wondered how green is your flight? Before you book your next … Read more Am I flying green?

Green boutique hotel in Buenos Aires

bedside lamp made from recycled wood

Renovating a 1898 historical building in the heart of Buenos Aires, turning it into a unique boutique hotel & doing it the eco-friendly way, was by no means been an easy undertaking. Especially not in Argentina where the eco-friendly consciousness has only just now emerged. Here is the story of a green ‘Marcel‘ in the … Read more Green boutique hotel in Buenos Aires

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