5 Ecologically Valuable Duvets

Panda bamboo duvet

While the southern hemisphere is immersed in Winter the North walks around in short sleeves. Then comes the change of season. When Summer comes down under, it’s time to store the bed covers. It’s a seasonal habit all around the globe. I hate being cold under the ‘feathers’ but neither do I like suffocating under … Read more 5 Ecologically Valuable Duvets

Vegan Bathroom Chique!

Rawganique hemp towels

Inspiration to vegan pimp up your bathroom ! When “veganizing” their bathroom, many vegans get rid of their traditional cleansing products, cosmetics, soaps & shampoos.  Yet, for many it stops there . I wanted to see for myself how far I could get aiming at 100% “veganizing” my own bathroom and only end when I … Read more Vegan Bathroom Chique!

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