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Bio-eggs from your own chicken coop!

DIY chicken coop

I love eggs for breakfast. More than anything else I eat them bio. How nice would it be to get out of bed, get my egg straight from the coop and fry it?

Consistent egg production is a sign of happy, healthy hens. Most hens will lay their first egg around 18 weeks of age and then lay an egg almost daily thereafter. In their first year, you can expect up to 250 eggs from high-producing, well-fed backyard chickens. Unless you are into heavy baking, a family of four can do with one or 2 hens. Roughly speaking that’s about 720 eggs, 180 pp. each year, or one egg every other day.

With little space for a chicken coop,

Easy Coops™

15 DIY Chicken Coop PlansEasy Coops’ 15 in 1 chicken coops are designed for the DIY’er ready for huge success in raising chickens. And it’s simple to accomplish with Easy Coops. These perfectly designed chicken coop plans will guide you through the entire process of building your very own coop for any backyard or garden.

15 Easy Chicken Coop Plans by EasyCoops™ is a digital product, available for download and containing directions for a 15 step-by-step plans that teaches how to build chicken coop of various designs and sizes. Their product comes as a complete system that can be provided to eager consumers that desire to purchase a chicken coop, without spending hundreds of dollars on one that is already put together from a store.

Easy Coops sells easy to understand guides that give you the exact measurements of every material and hardware you need to accomplish your very own hen house.

Details. Details. Details.

Approved by constructors and woodworkers, and then reviewed by chicken breeders (as opposed to internet marketers), these thoughtful plans are brimming with detail.

Plus, they’ve already put in the extensive research to eliminate your workload upfront.

You can build a chicken coop plan for 6 to over 50 hens.

Poulailler Farm, Nature & Découvertes

Poulailler Farm

Specially created by Reine Mère to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nature & Découvertes, the Poullailler Farm houses up to 2 hens.

Environmentally designed, this ecological hen house comes in a kit and is easy to assemble. Made of radiata pine wood in the French Jura, the house has a roof in recycled polypropylene, hence ecological. It is resistant to heavy rains and cold and is 100% recyclable.

Indoors, your hens can lead a peaceful life and go about their essential tasks: to lay an average of 250 to 300 eggs per year and recycle 150 to 200 kg of household waste !

Characteristics :
Chicken coop in radiata pine wood and roof in recycled polypropylene.
L. 120 cm – l. 73 cm – H. 94 cm.
A self-assembly.

Eglu Cube Chicken Coop

Eglu chicken coop

The Eglu Cube Chicken Coop is the ideal way to keep up to 10 chickens in a town or country garden.

Based on the same revolutionary technology as the original Eglu Classic plastic chicken house, with a slide out dropping tray, wipe clean surfaces, twin walled insulation, no maintenance and No Foxes Allowed protection.

The easy to move Eglu Cube hen house with extendable run makes it simple to keep a large flock of hens in your garden and leaves you with more time to enjoy the pleasures of keeping chickens.

The Eglu Cube is Omlet’s bestselling and most advanced chicken coop. Now with new and improved features it’s time to discover the amazing new Eglu Cube.

A Complete Chicken House Package

The new Eglu Chicken Coop” target=”_blank”>Eglu Cube comes complete with everything you need to get started including the no-spill food and water containers. The house is fitted with comfortable roosting bars, a large slide-out dropping tray and an integrated nest box.

Collecting eggs is easy through the egg port. Raised up on a sturdy frame with an improved non-slip ladder it’s the convenient way to keep a large flock of hens.

With Omlet’s unique steel weld mesh run you’ll have the peace of mind of a secure outdoor space for your hens that can be enlarged using the run extensions or by connecting it to one of Omlet’s popular Walk in Runs. By adding the purpose designed wheels you can make your chicken’s dream coop a breeze to move.

Bringing you and your pets closer together

Omlet reimagines the way you live with and look after your pets to bring you closer together.

qute hamster cage

They’ve made rabbit hutches which allow rabbits to express their natural behavior, Eglu chicken coops keep your chickens safe and the Qute hamster cage looks great in your living room, kitchen or bedroom bringing your pets into the heart of the house.


You might need to stock up on refills or accessories for your chicken coop

Coop Refresher

People, flock, and earth friendly – 100% organic materials used, no other additives

coop refresher

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