Quercetin & Capers against Sars-Cov-2

capers against covid

For those who still don’t know what Sars-Cov-2 stands for, it’s the virus that causes Covid-19. I have demonstrated in previous articles that I belong to the group or side of the battlefield that believes corona can be beaten with a healthy diet in combination with certain food supplements. This is in sharp contrast to … Read more Quercetin & Capers against Sars-Cov-2

How to Recycle your Ink Cartridges

Mural done with air-ink

I always try to steer my daughter in not printing unnecessary documents. Ink cartridges tend to be expensive and produce a lot of waste. For a long time these cartridges would end up in the common household garbage bin and from there into the landfill. That’s disastrous. When not properly disposed of, it takes more … Read more How to Recycle your Ink Cartridges

Amazon & Your Tax Situation

Amazon & Tax Information

In my first article on Affiliate Website Marketing, I explained how with one plugin, Amazon Link Engine, Amazon Associates can maximize their links and have each link automatically converted into an international link. Since then, I have received numerous questions regarding the tax implications. Like when you, the reseller, are a US resident and someone … Read more Amazon & Your Tax Situation

How to maximize your Amazon AP on WP

Amazon best integration

  How to maximize your Amazon Affiliate Program(s) with WordPress? When you have a niche site up and running and you work with several affiliate programs, I am absolutely certain Amazon is one of them. I can pull out the whole arsenal of statistics, showing you how big and important Amazon is & will always … Read more How to maximize your Amazon AP on WP

Foods that last forever


If you knew the next WW was around the corner, what food products would you stock? Which foods last forever, what are the best non-perishable foods? If you were to think this is a hypothetical question, then reconsider. Not so long ago, at the eve of our government’s announcement ( I live in Argentina ) … Read more Foods that last forever

Coronavirus : Foods to Prevent or Cure Covid-19

Corona - Covid

I honestly believe everyone of us is responsible for his or her own health. I am one hundred percent aware that my thoughts are controversial. But I am also convinced I am not the only one here thinking that by living a healthy life and following a healthy diet, I can protect myself from contracting … Read more Coronavirus : Foods to Prevent or Cure Covid-19

Mental health in times of Covid

Food and Mental Health

How to stay healthy in times of Covid, with millions of workers around the globe loosing their jobs and income. Some countries & regions have started to come out of isolation, some on the other hand are at the brink of going under some form of lock down again. I own a small hotel in … Read more Mental health in times of Covid

The Chicken & The Egg: organic, worth the fuss?


What came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s one of those questions with no answer. What we know is that both are indispensable in a healthy kitchen. Does it matter whether they are bio, homegrown or not? Health Credentials The humble egg has impressive health credentials. Both the white and yolk of an egg … Read more The Chicken & The Egg: organic, worth the fuss?

Life Before Plastic – a childhood story

Plastic free shopping

Inspired by an article under the same title, written by Mark Blackburn, the author of “One Brown Planet” in 2016, I decided to share my story how we lived without plastic during my childhood days. From what I can make up from his article, we must be about the same age. I was born in … Read more Life Before Plastic – a childhood story

How to Recycle your Empty Wine bottles

Wine Bottles as Terrarium

Do you drink as much wine as I do? Well, I do not drink alone. Apart from the occasional glass of wine I have on my terrace to relax from a working day, I share my wine with friends, guests, colleagues. In wine country Argentina there is always a good occasion to kill a bottle … Read more How to Recycle your Empty Wine bottles

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