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7 Eco-Friendly Hotels – Handpicked

Sustainability, small, comfort & beauty can perfectly go hand in hand. The following 7 handpicked boutique hotels are living proof that SUSTAINABILTY, SMALL, COMFORT & BEAUTY make a perfect match !

With all the weather-related disasters in this world today, eco-friendly travel is becoming the way to go, in a strong effort for environmental sustainability. Various efforts are being made by hotels to recycle, conserve energy and water. Installations collect solar energy and cisterns are used to collect rainwater.

In fact, worldwide hotels are being designed purely to be environmentally friendly. Some properties also offer activities where visitors can experience nature without any negative impact.

Eco Boutique Hostal GRAU, Barcelona, Spain

This family-run, eco-friendly hotel is within 200 m of Las Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya. All rooms are made of natural, organic materials and painted with PVC-free paint.

Eco Boutique Hostal Grau

All rooms at Hostal Grau have a private bathroom with free toiletries made from natural sources such as lavender. Some rooms have a balcony; while others face a vertical garden.

The hotel also has one OFF room with a reduction of electromagnetic radiation. The whole building features environmentally friendly design, energy efficient lighting and a water recycling system, as well as using renewable or clean energy.

A range of ecological wines, as well as free natural teas and infusions, are available from the on-site lounge.

The MACBA Modern Art Museum is just 350 m from the guest house, and Port Vell Harbor is a 15-minute walk away. Direct buses to Barcelona Airport stop in nearby Plaza Universitat. Hostal Grau

Best GREEN Points about the hotel :

  • coconut-fibre mattresses
  • recycled furniture
  • water saving taps

Janeiro Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Soaking up the breeze, right bang smack on the sand, arms flung wide open to the Atlantic, this is JANEIRO.

Located in the middle of Leblon’s marvelous beach-culture, we bring Rio’s bossa vibe to life. Nature is a joyful accomplice. And what about that view? The Cagarras islands scatter across a horizon blue as far as the eye can see. No make-believe needed here. At night, the Moon beams, and in the distance, the lights of Vidigal glitter and dance like fireflies.

Pure poetry for the eyes, woven into the urban effervescence of the city. The barefoot simplicity of the beach finds its way into the smallest of details; from the rooms to the food, the music to the art, all is an extension of the golden sands out front. We sway to no other rhythm but Rio’s.”

Janeiro Hotel

Best GREEN Points about the hotel :

  • locally sourced furniture
  • energy efficient airco
  • support to local foundations

Quinta Da Comporta, Carvalhal, Portugal

Quinta da Comporta, in Portugal, is a project by architect Miguel Câncio Martins where nature is the essence of design. In one of Europe’s most sought-after destinations and one of the favorite destinations of designers, artists and entrepreneurs this amazing hotel, surrounded by unspoiled beaches, sand dunes, pines and rice fields, stands and offers visitors its various resorts, bedrooms, suites and small houses, as well as a spa.

Quinta da Comporta

Best GREEN Points about the hotel:

  • nature as essence of design
  • locally sourced materials

Muji Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

“Simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury.”

That this is so true proves the latest Muji Hotel in the Ginza neighborhood in Tokyo.

Each of the 79 simply furnished rooms in the Muji Hotel Ginza showcases the best of the brand. All the amenities—from towels and toothpaste to mattresses and blankets—are made by Muji, ensuring that everything is high quality and highly sustainable.

Based on a “wood, stone, and earth” theme, these eco-friendly details also evoke a sense of calm, promising to “restore travelers in body and spirit alike” the second they set foot in the lobby.

The minimalist interiors of these rooms are made mainly from wood, stone, soil, and scrap material retrieved from the trams of Tokyo, which are specifically designed to blend with Muji products. The new hotel also has a restaurant, salon, bakery and an art gallery with a lounge and a bar.

Muji Hotel Ginza

Best GREEN Points about the hotel:

  • recycled materials
  • 100% sustainable design

Olive Green Hotel, Crete, Greece

The eco-minded features of the Olive Green Hotel have much to do with how the hotel is built. Materials and design are the building blocks to the hotel so to consume less energy. In a warm climate like Crete’s it’s essential to maintain comfortable room temperatures and be energy efficient.

“Olive Green has been designed with the concept of contemporary, high-tech luxury, combined with nature’s marvels and tradition. Respect to the environment is paramount to us, which is why we have created a conscious building that is 100% eco-friendly and that works in perfect alignment with the natural surroundings.

Our concern is to comply with the new environmental regulations and lead the way in water, waste, energy and green technology by implementing creative cost saving initiatives to reduce our impact to the environment.”

Olive Green Hotel, Crete

Best GREEN Points about the hotel:

  • solar panels
  • water management systems
  • green building practices
  • usage of environmentally friendly materials
  • employee engagement
  • encouraging guests to reuse towels ( to save water )

In Motion Eco B&B, Bertrée, Belgium

In Motion Eco B & B

In 2002 a Flemish family moved from the densely populated north of Belgium to the rural south. With a few cats, sheep and donkeys they settled in the Walloon countryside on 1 ha of land. It’s a place called Bertrée, in the midst of ‘Haspengauw’, a rich area used for agriculture and fruit trees.

The old existing farm & stables on the land were restored with only eco-friendly materials. Guests can sit & relax in the organic garden. The same garden which provides fruit and vegetables for breakfast and dinner.

The decoration isn’t entirely my thing but the surroundings make up for it. The beds are made of natural components. You can wash & splash with the organic soap and towels provided by the property.

They go by the motto “Here’s no WiFi, but you’ll find a better connection”

Best GREEN Points of the B&B:

  • rural environment
  • eco-friendly materials
  • organic garden

Marcel de Buenos Aires, Eco-BoHo, Argentina

The eco-friendly features in this beautifully 1898-casa de renta restored building are countless. No effort has been spared to turn an abandoned ‘casa chorizo’, which once served as a cheap family hotel into an astonishing eco & pet friendly boutique hotel.

Where possible all existing materials have been carefully renovated and reused in the hotel. Train sleepers made obsolete after the railway system collapsed have been turned into the steps of the staircase in the main entrance. The hardwood floors of the former family rooms now make a shiny dance floor in the salon ‘Marcelonious’.

Karin ( yes, that’s me ) opted for linen sheets and organic bio-degradable cotton towels. The beds and bedside tables have been order made with recycled wood from the Tigre Delta.

All lights in the hotel are LED. Water saving devices have been installed in each and every bathroom.

‘The Marcel’ buys its natural soap from a Venezuelan woman, an expert with over 10 years of experience.

For a full & detailed eco-friendly story of the hotel you can read it @ Marcel de Buenos Aires.

Marcel's twin room

Best GREEN Points of the hotel:

In Travel Mode Conclusion…

I want to escape seeing so much beauty ! When I say ‘we have a choice’, I mean it. A sustainable choice even when we travel without having to give in on aesthetics, comfort, style.

Try it next time you travel. I can guarantee you’ll be back in no time.

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