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5 Ecologically Valuable Duvets

Koma Duvet filled with KapokWhile the southern hemisphere is immersed in Winter the North walks around in short sleeves. Then comes the change of season. When Summer comes down under, it’s time to store the bed covers. It’s a seasonal habit all around the globe.

I hate being cold under the ‘feathers’ but neither do I like suffocating under synthetic blankets. I prefer to snuggle up under a warm duvet provided by nature, without using goose feathers to get me ‘down’?

Made from kapok, sustainable alpaca wool, bamboo or wood fibers, or even recycled plastic, the following eco-friendly duvets proof that you do not need to sacrifice comfort for a natural product.

Koma, Germany

Vegan and ecological sustainable, Koma sleepers Made in Bremen, Germany provides a pleasant and comfortable sleep.

The Koma sleepers are filled with kapok. Kapok (Bot. Ceiba pentandra) originates from the tropical forests of Central and South America and is currently found in virtually all tropical regions of the world. With a height of 30 to 70 meters, it is an extremely impressive appearance that can reach an age of up to 500 years.

The red kapok flowers ripen in capsules / large capsules of about 20 cm, in which the seeds are surrounded by white, soft fiber.

The Sustainability of Kapok

kapok natural fiberKapok is exclusively wild, it is not grown on crops and does not require any chemical plants or insect repellents. This makes it particularly interesting for eco-friendly bedding. Harvesting is done by hand, the pods are dried in the sun and the fiber is separated from the incorporated seeds by a blower. Kapok does not need to be washed, bleached or chemically treated for further processing – it is naturally odorless and clean.

The yield of a tree is about 20 kg per year.

The comfort of Kapok

The kapok fiber is completely natural and unpolluted. It is naturally odorless, soft and bulky. Kapok has the unique capacity to regulate and absorb moisture and store heat because the fiber is hollow inside. This creates a pleasant and comfortable sleep.

All KOMA covers are made of organic cotton.

Rabens Organic Duvets, Germany

Rabens alpaca duvetRabens is a cool company. They use only locally sourced alpaca wool, from German farms, for their alpaca products. In this way, on the one hand, they promote pet owners and, on the other hand, they can guarantee what happens to the wool from the cut to the finished article. The focus is always on the gentle treatment of alpaca fiber in order to protect their positive natural properties and create ideal conditions for sleep.

All products are manufactured in regional, family-run companies made in Germany – from raw material to the final product. There is no long ocean transportation, but short, ecological routes.

Rabens only uses organic cotton for all upholstery fabrics (entries), subject to strict environmental and social criteria.

Animal welfare is very important to them. Alpacas live together in flocks and can choose between open pastures and stables all year round, weather permitting. The cut takes place in early summer of each year, and the animals already have a soft and warm coat in early winter. Therefore, no animal has to die for a comforter and the alpacas’ living conditions in harmony with nature are ideal.

Rabens wants to protect the environment and avoid unnecessary waste. Therefore, they have reduced packaging and printing materials to a minimum, taking into account hygienic and logistical aspects.

Smartdown Vegan Recycled Eco Duvets

Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth! The Smartdown duvet is one of the most luxurious yet sustainable products yet. Created from responsibly sourced raw materials, Smartdown duvet fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles, uniquely spun and blown in such a way that they simulate the hand feel and warmth of natural down. The fibers are encased in a luxury, sustainably-sourced cotton that has a 280-thread count and is finished by hand.

Drift off in incredible luxury with this beautiful bedding with a conscience.

Smartdown Duvet

Made without any animal by-products, the duvet is a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to traditional goose down.

These duvets are made in a Purpose Built, Award Winning, Sustainable Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Facility using 100% Renewable Energy, and 100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging. Choosing Smartdown over other conventional synthetic filled products saves more than 100 PET plastic bottles from landfill with every double size medium tog duvet created. For every ton of plastic recovered, 6.4 cubic meters of landfill space is saved. The energy saved by using Smartdown® instead of virgin fibers could power a 60watt light bulb for up to 25 nights. That’s not to mention the reduction in plastic pollution in our oceans and rivers this encourages.

It’s the First Ever 100% Recycled Duvet

  • Emulates the Decadence of Down
  • Silky Soft Fibres
  • Made from 100% Recycled Materials
  • Sustainably Sourced 100% Cotton Casing
  • 280 Thread Count Finished by Hand
  • Warmth, Loft & Experience of Natural Down
  • Hypoallergenic Machine Washable at 40°

An environmentally friendly material, Smartdown® is both washable at 40°C in a domestic washing machine and hypoallergenic. This makes it the perfect choice for luxury hotels, commercial settings, allergy sufferers and anyone who wants a wonderful night’s sleep.

The SMARTDOWN Duvet comes in two varieties: medium, for all-year-round, and warm, for the winter. Medium tog is recommended for all year round use, whereas Warm is recommended for Winter or for those who like to be toasty at night.

For a Smartdown Recycled Duvet by next Winter, shop here.

Eco-friendly, vegan duvets that are better than bamboo… Devon Duvet from wooden fibers

Devon Duvet green logo










At Devon Duvet‘s founders Dick and Pauline Beijen spent years developing their Botanic range of duvets, created from a filling and outer casing containing TENCEL™Lyocell. This is a 100% natural and ethical fibre derived from certified, fully traceable and sustainable wood sources, through a pioneering Eco award-winning process.

Luxuriously soft, 100% vegan and environmentally friendly, it’s the ideal choice for those looking for a plant-based option to match their lifestyle and ethos. The Botanic range comes in a choice of weights, including Ultralight (perfect for the warmest months), Lightweight and Medium Weight.

  • Handcrafted by expert seamstresses at the Devon workshops.
  • Botanic duvets are 100% vegan and the only product of its kind that’s registered by the Vegan Society. They’ve also been tried and tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and won an award as ‘Best Summer Duvet’ in the UK national media.
  • Botanic duvets are better than bamboo duvets because TENCEL™Lyocell is fully traceable in terms of source and DNA identification, even after the fibre processing, whereas bamboo isn’t. Bamboo duvets, therefore, cannot be guaranteed as being 100% bamboo.
  • Each of the Botanic duvets are individually handcrafted in Devon by time served seamstresses, with special care to ensure a smooth drape and silky-smooth texture next to your skin.
  • Your Botanic duvet won’t clog up landfill or damage the environment when it’s time to replace it, because it is 100% biodegradable and so will revert back to nature.

Panda’s eco-friendly duvets made from bamboo fiber

Panda The Cloud

The Cloud Duvet by Panda is the perfect addition to any vegan bedroom. Made up of 100% eco-friendly bamboo fibre, it is luxuriously soft and light.

Panda staes that the perfect duvet should be cosy, fluffy and light. They wanted to get the ‘down feather feeling’ and stay ethical and vegan-friendly – in line with their core beliefs – whilst making it suitable for everyone, including sleepers with sensitive skin and allergies.

In order to achieve these goals, the panda product engineers crafted a super thin, breathable and fluffy microfibre out of organic bamboo. Bamboo has many outstanding natural properties and it’s uninhabitable for fungi and dust mites making it naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial.

For the perfect the overall experience, Panda blended the bamboo with Nano Microfibre™. The Nano Microfibre™ makes the duvet lighter, fluffier and even more breathable.

The synergy between both the Bamboo & Nano Microfibre™ gives a feeling that cannot be named anything other than The Cloud.

The good sleep news is that these sustainable duvets are available worldwide.

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